about me

Sue grew up in the Eastern Cape, in Gqerberha, formerly known as Port Elizabeth, a place of great disparities in the 50s and 60s. she unleashed herself onto  Cape Town in the 70s. and later, found herself in the evocative, inimitable Johannesburg of the 1980s. After many rites of passage  and a number of years of studying, working and travelling, she is back living in an entirely different Cape at the edge of the world. There are multiple narratives in her life; wearing different hats as a teacher, artist and Zen Coach, creating a palimpsest of heroes and villains, with the wind and sea also jostling for centre stage. Sometimes, she gardens and swims or walks on the beach; other  times, paints both for exhibitions or for herself or just curates the furniture in her house.


about MY WORK

My work is mostly made in response to events, encounters, sensations, in my  life. I paint in a visceral, fairly intuitive way, like a sort of diary; more impulse than  rigour, but still it engages my values and identity in this moment.  I paint intuitively but reflectively. I’m sketching more now too, drawing interiors and landscapes in  part as a process. Lockdown’s  side effects are grist for the mill but are too scary to contemplate right now so the visual order emerging needs to be a soothing balm. I’m just exploring ways of looking, and being and enjoying the landscape. I love the meditative nature of painting in my studio and immersing myself in the stillness of that space. A welcome respite.