about me

I grew up in the Eastern Cape, in Port Elizabeth, a place of great disparities in the 50s and 60s. I was let loose on Cape Town in the 70’s and then found myself in the evocative, inimitable Johannesburg of the 1980’s. Many rites of passage later and many years of studying, working and travelling later, I am back in the Cape at the edge of the world. There are multiple narratives in my life; I live as a teacher, artist, zen coach in training and mother but sometimes things overlap a bit chaotically, creating a palimpsest of images: heroes, villains, wind and sea all jostle for centre stage. Sometimes for my sanity, I just garden or walk my dog on the beach. Other times, I paint very intensely or just curate the furniture in my house.


about MY WORK

My work is mostly made in response to events, encounters, sensations, in my own life. I paint in a visceral, fairly intuitive way, like a sort of diary; often as a series of thoughts, impulses and feelings, rather than as carefully thought out concepts planned from beginning to end. I paint to reflect an internal landscape which I try and translate in an intuitive way but I am also deeply affected by the events taking place both globally and closer to home. There is a visual order that seems to emerge where I can alter my own invisible reality….particularly in the contemporary moment of lockdown and its effects. Images emerge, get covered up and then new narratives appear. My paintings are a bit like me: sometimes impulsive, colourful, expressive and direct; other times, withholding, enigmatic, introspective and restless. Always its about the language of communication. When I draw I’m just exploring the medium and trying to develop a narrative, so often thats a way of accessing the process towards painting. I love the meditative language of being in my studio and immersing myself in another space.