Workshops / Art as Therapy

I run various workshops and corporate team building processes throughout the year.

I would love to discuss your workshop needs and create an appropriate workshop for you. Take a look at some of my past  projects.

Africa A+

Working with Dada

Art as Therapy




A creative facilitation pilot project of the Africa A+ Schools network which was partnered with CDI and Oklahoma A+ Schools in the USA. Africa A+ facilitated nurturing creativity in the classroom in order to achieve more successful educational outcomes particularly in the current climate.
See Africa+ (
for a selection of photographs.

WORKSHOPS with Adults

We are all creative beings, and can have fulfilling experiences when we engage with our creativity in new, interactive and unusual ways. One of the workshops i have held was a working with Dada theme, where  Sue and Karen teamed up to  design a short course, which ignited creativity and exposed participants to new ways of working and thinking. Our aim was to have a unique experience, by developing and refining  art making skills and to connect deeper with themselves and their stories while meeting nice people and having lots of fun. Authentic and hand made processes were used  We structure our courses with care ;in an unconventional way and  allow for lots of freedom for exploration.


 Art as therapy processes in a number of rehabilitation centres for drug addiction in and around Cape Town

A therapeutic art project that was held with mentally challenged women from an inner city facility in  Cape Town.