As a facilitator I run various workshops and corporate team building processes throughout the year.

 One of my projects( see  below) was my involvement  in the creative facilitation of the pilot project of the Africa A+ Schools network which was partnered with CDI and Oklahoma A+ Schools in the USA. Africa A+ facilitated nurturing creativity in the classroom in order to achieve more successful educational outcomes particularly in the current climate.

See: Africa A+ ( and refer below for a selection of photographs.

Working with DADa

Studio Stewart and Sue Kaplan presented a 5-day invigorating workshop to reboot the creative spark.

The Big Idea

We are all creative beings, and can have fulfilling experiences when we engage with our creativity in new, interactive and unusual ways. Sue and Karen have designed a short course, which will ignite your creativity and expose you to new ways of working. Our aim is for you to have a unique experience, develop and hone some art making skills and connect with yourself, your life, your story while meeting nice people and having lots of fun. We use only authentic hand made processes and have many years of experimentation and facilitation of creativity behind us. You will be in good hands. The course is structured in an unconventional way and will allow you enough freedom to explore on your own – if that suits you.